The Hoskins Family are certainly not strangers to the gospel music industry. Rick Hoskins the group’s founder began traveling with his dad’s bluegrass group, The Country Gospel Aires at the young age of sixteen.   Rick then met Reva who was working in her father, Charles Deaton’s church as music minister . It was in that church Rick and Reva were married.   Along came their only child, Angie who began singing at age four.  She sang at her first gospel concert with the legendary Hinsons in 1978. Angie sang on her first recording at the age of 6.

The family began to minister together at Reva’s father’s church where they sang to hundreds every week.  They stayed faithful to their calling in the local church for twenty six years.  Charles Deaton retired and The Hoskins Family began another chapter in their lives where they would sing to thousands.   The Hoskins Family opened at Dayton’s memorial Hall for the multi award winning Crabb Family. The family offered The Hoskins a spot on their brand new record label. The label was a great success. They then signed an exclusive contract with the prestigious Daywind Records which is still their home today.

The Hoskins Family have recently added to their on stage ministry Angie’s seventeen year old Daughter, Abigail.  She loves Jesus with her whole heart and is not ashamed of the gospel or the calling that God placed on her life.  She loves singing for the Lord and is making friends everywhere they go.   The group has also added Rev. Rick Smith which is the family’s pastor. Rick has been a southern gospel music fan his whole life and traveled with the renowned Jerry Goff for 5 years.