Southern Raised 2017 edited

Southern Raised is a family band from the Branson, Missouri area. Lindsay is the heartbeat of the band, keeping the rhythm in the ditch and pulling her walking bass lines with a pulsating tone and pitch, as Sarah plays banjo with her nice work on the neck and solid rolls. Emma Grace shuffles between burning the strings on the fiddle and mandolin to emotion filled arrangements. Matthew tears it up on the guitar with hot rides and drives it home with his forward moving solid rhythm. From kickin’ bluegrass to gracefully handing off lead breaks, Southern Raised demonstrates an intuitiveness with each other that comes only from being a family band.

Their musical heritage has it’s beginnings in classical music. The two styles have merged together to create a distinct auditory sensation described as “ethereal”. Southern Raised was honored to take 2nd place in the 2009 National Single Mic Championship Competition at Silver Dollar City. Their travels have taken them from the Heartland to the Atlantic Coast.

“Hey There Folks, Just wanted to say we thought what you did at Hazel Kinder’s Lighthouse tonight was incredible. Very professional in appearance and demeanor, superb musicianship and heavenly voices when either solo or in harmony with the other family members. We are in awe of your talents. My wife and I both enjoyed the show immensely. Thanks! You guys are great! We will be seeing you again!”

Sincerely, Charles Davis

Their style is best described as bluegrass music that is rooted in the value of family, fellowship of friends, hard work, taking care of one another and the need for the Savior, Jesus Christ. Each song is chosen to reflect the rich values that are still alive in these Ozark hills. From toe- tapping to soul-stirring bluegrass, Southern Raised lifts up the name of Jesus so that He may be glorified and made known. You’ll hear pure family harmony that’ll warm your bones, hot picking that’ll make you grin and heart felt singing that’ll make you shout glory!

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