The Diplomats Quartet


The Diplomats Quartet was founded in 1968 and has maintained a solid history of incredibly harmony and quality music.  The group is based in Carrollton, Georgia.

Managed by Jim Pearson, who also sings baritone, The Diplomats Quartet travels the United States taking the message of salvation everywhere the good Lord sends them. The group’s unique sound has an old school influence, made new.  The Goodmans and The Stamps are just a couple of the classic southern gospel groups that gave them a foundation to build their sound upon.

Rita Pearson sings alto, Cory Pearson sings lead and plays bass guitar and piano, Alex Utech carries those low bass notes that make the floor rattle.  With Harold Reed singing tenor and Jordan Hamby on guitar, The Diplomats Quartet brings not just a unique blend of vocals, but live instruments, as well.

There are several quartets on the road today whose music spans the ages. The Diplomats Quartet is one of those that maintains the classic sound of old style southern gospel, with new arrangements and live instruments that set them apart from the rest!